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The Story of Annia Louisa

Annia Jenkins, a Louisiana native, emerged into the world of fashion uniquely…but not by happenstance.

As a globally recognized luxury concierge and bespoke experience consultant in Dallas, Texas, Annia has boldly paved the way to bring the best of all possibilities to people and with exquisite taste. As Founder + CEO of All Things Beautiful & Co., along with her late mother Cynthia, she has orchestrated a gamut of luxurious travel experiences to the most elaborate and breathtaking destinations around the world.

Inspired by her love for fashion, traveling abroad, and her passion for curating an “all things beautiful” lifestyle for others, Annia launched Annia Louisa in October 2021.


Annia Louisa is a luxury collection of resort wear, home accents, and limited-edition pieces with prints inspired by some of the most elaborate travel destinations around the world.


With a focus on bold prints, vivid jewel tones, and bespoke craftsmanship, the collection is currently luxury resort wear. Home accents and more are to come.

Each print and embellishment are hand-crafted, allowing the collector to submerge themselves in “all the feels” of each elaborate destination.

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“The Annia Louisa collection tells the story of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. My mother and I loved to travel to exotic destinations around the world and dreamed of the ones that we would take on next. I launched this brand in memory of my mother and our journeys together that have now transformed into priceless, unforgettable moments. Annia Louisa is a lifestyle brand that marries travel and fashion, created to share our experiences with jet setters and connoisseurs of "all things beautiful”


-Annia Jenkins

Inspired by her love for traveling abroad and her passion for an “all things luxury” lifestyle


For the love of India...

India is a dreamland full of rich culture, beautiful natives, and some of the most exclusive textiles. India is the second-largest producer of raw silk in the world, and is credited with developing the art of draping cloth.

When Annia first traveled to the “silk city,” she fell in love with the fabrics, colors, markets, local artisans, creatives, silk weavers, and strong women who work hard to provide for their families while boldly fighting for their rights each and every day.

Annia Louisa found its manufacturer nestled within the rich heritage, artistic talents, and breathtaking sites of India where our fabrics and prints are now produced.


Local Philanthropy

Philanthropically speaking, those causes that impact abused women, underserved children, homelessness, cancer research, mental health, human trafficking and bullying are especially meaningful to Annia Louisa.

As a company, we care passionately about the communities in which we live, work and travel. We channel those passions by meaningfully sowing into communities in order that we may leave them a little better than we found them.


We are known internationally for our philanthropic arm, and for partnering with charities worldwide.


Annia Louisa is committed to reducing our footprint while still providing our jetsetters and collectors luxurious prints, fabrics, clothing, and goods. Each print is cut with precision to eliminate waste at all levels of our manufacturing process.

No fabric goes unused!

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