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The Story of Annia Louisa

Updated: Apr 21

Annia Jenkins, a Louisiana native, emerged into the world of fashion uniquely…but not by happenstance.

As a globally recognized luxury concierge and bespoke experience consultant, Annia has boldly paved the way to bring the best of all possibilities to people. As Founder + CEO of All Things Beautiful & Co., along with her late mother Cynthia, she has orchestrated a gamut of luxurious travel experiences to the most elaborate and breathtaking destinations around the world.

Inspired by her love for fashion, traveling abroad, and her passion for curating an “all things beautiful” lifestyle for others, Annia launched Annia Louisa in October 2021.

Annia Louisa is a luxury collection of limited-edition pieces inspired by some of the most elaborate travel destinations.With a focus on bold prints and vivid jewel-tones, the collection consists of luxury

resort wear including caftans, swim wear, kimonos, and flowy sets. Home accents, luxury goods, and accessories are to come. Each print and embellishment are hand-crafted, allowing the collector to submerge themselves in “all the feels” of each destination.

“The Annia Louisa collection tells the story of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. My mother and I loved to travel to exotic destinations around the world and dreamed of the ones that we would take on next. I launched this brand in memory of my mother and our journeys together that have now transformed into priceless, unforgettable moments. Annia Louisa is a lifestyle brand that brings fashion, prints, travel, and luxury goods together. This collection was specifically created for the jet-setters and connoisseurs of all things beautiful” -Annia Jenkins


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